Chandler introduces legislation to improve employee safety and opportunities

Rep. Bruce Chandler, R-Granger, introduced three pieces of legislation this week addressing access to good jobs and education as well as safe working environments.

House Bill 2032, introduced Thursday, would create a community agricultural worker safety grant program.

“Increased training and education on the job are well worth the investment,” Chandler said. “This will help the agricultural industry develop current employees for professional advancement.”

The bill awaits a hearing in the House Commerce and Labor Committee.

House Bill 1896, introduced Monday, would assist employers that have a need for seasonal or temporary workers to hire legal workers. It would also provide a preference for the local workforce.

“Employers need access to a legal workforce during peak times throughout the year or for special projects,” Chandler said. “This legislation would help them gain access to a legal workforce with state cooperation, and provide more opportunities for jobs.”

The bill awaits a hearing in the House Commerce and Labor Committee.

House Bill 1428 would establish the “field of dreams” program. The program would provide college tuition through Guaranteed Education Tuition credits for high school students working in the agriculture industry.

“Field of dreams is really a tuition relief bill; it provides an opportunity for students to earn their tuition,” Chandler said. “Working in and around agriculture, students get exposed to science, technology and sound business principles. They learn about what it takes to get a product from the fields to consumers.”

There was no opposition against the House bill 1428 today in the House Higher Education Committee hearing.

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Washington State House Republican Communications