Chandler says lack of movement on bills fails to address employee opportunities, tuition relief

‘It is urgent we act now to ensure a stable, qualified, legal work force,’ he says


Rep. Bruce Chandler, R-Granger, expressed disappointment today that his package of bills to improve employee safety and opportunities did not move forward. Friday was the last day for House bills to be voted out of House policy committees.

“Though I explained to the committees the importance of providing better footing for employees and students to have opportunities beyond their current circumstances, the majority apparently did not understand,” Chandler said. “These bills would provide economic stability for employers and employees, by assuring a stable, legal workforce; creating more opportunities for vocational advancement; and giving students the chance to earn their way to college at a time when tuition continues to rise.”

House Bill 2032 would have created a community agricultural worker safety grant program to increase training and education on the job. The bill never received a hearing.

House Bill 1896 would have given employers better access to a stable, legal workforce. It was heard Feb. 11 in the House Commerce and Labor Committee.

Chandler noted the need for legal, qualified employees to support Washington’s agricultural industries which continue to expand.

“It is urgent we act now to ensure a stable, qualified, legal work force,” Chandler said.

House Bill 1428 would have established the “field of dreams” program. The program would provide college tuition through Guaranteed Education Tuition credits for high school students working in the agriculture industry. The proposal was heard in the House Higher Education Committee on Feb. 6.

“When I talk with constituents, they share the need to have more opportunities,” Chandler said. “They don’t want a government handout, they want doors opened so they can walk through them. During these difficult economic times, the best thing the Legislature can do is look at how we can restore economic vitality to our state.”

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