Chandler responds to House operating budget proposal

Rep. Bruce Chandler, R-Granger, member of the House Ways and Means Committee, released this statement today about the House Democrats' operating budget proposal:

“A fact easily overlooked is this budget spends more than the current budget, no matter where the dollars come from. The state is spending for the moment when it should be budgeting for the future. Although we're in a recession, there is no better time to reform state budgeting.

“The federal government, capital budget and other funds provide $5 billion in one-time dollars to make a short term fix to the deficit – this is short-sighted. In two years we'll be right back where we are today. This is a spending problem that needs real solutions.

“Major spending reductions are proposed by both the House and the Senate. This is not about cutting everything, this is about not increasing taxes on our families and employers. It's time to prioritize and show taxpayers the Legislature remembers that every state dollar comes from a hard-working citizen.

“There's a lot of doom and gloom out there, but the state is still expected to bring in more dollars. If a family or a business were seeing even a small increase in their paycheck, I don't think they would be responding the same way.

“Budget writers seem to be forgetting about the folks at home who can't afford their rent or mortgages, who are losing their jobs or their businesses and who wonder where their tax dollars are going.

“We need to focus all of our efforts on finding ways to help Washington be prosperous again. This includes providing our agriculture community with sustainable resources and giving employers a reason to stay or move to Washington. We can build a better future for our state, but not if government refuses to change.”

The House Ways and Means Committee will hold a public hearing today, March 31, at 3:30 p.m. on the proposed operating budget. The operating budget is scheduled to be voted out of House Ways and Means Thursday, April 2.

Budget Facts

  • $9 billion budget deficit
  • $3 billion funds received from federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
  • $780 million transferred from capital budget, which is funded mostly by bonds
  • $3.8 billion in spending reductions

For more information, view proposed House Bill 1244, making 2009-2011 budget appropriations or the House budget proposal summary.

For more information, contact:  Sarah Lamb, Public Information Officer – (360) 786-7720


Washington State House Republican Communications