School flexibility measure approved by Senate

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School flexibility measure approved by Senate


The legislation that would allow some small school districts to waive the requirement for a 180-day school calendar passed the Senate today 34-13.

Rep. Bruce Chandler, who sponsored the bill with his former seatmate, Rep. Dan Newhouse, was pleased to see passage of the policy.

House Bill 1292 as amended would provide waivers to school districts with under 500 students from the requirement for a 180-day school year.

“This will allow five school districts, including the Bickleton and Lyle Schools in Klickitat County, to adapt their schedule around their community’s needs,” Chandler said. “The state has placed enough mandates on our schools. This allows them some flexibility so they can achieve academic success in a more efficient way for them.”

Chandler said he appreciates the time and efforts of Martin Huffman and Ric Palmer, superintendents of the Lyle and Bickleton districts respectively, to bring this issue before the Legislature and explain its importance. Chandler noted the superintendents have and will continue to address some of the concerns raised regarding staff, child care and instruction time.

“While some have been focused on the cost savings that could be achieved, the real issue at hand is more focused classroom time,” Chandler said. “By allowing school calendar flexibility, students and teachers can be focused on learning during the 1,000 hours they are in school, and set aside other time for sports and other extracurricular activities.”

The legislation will now return to the House for consideration of an amendment adopted by the Senate.

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