State revenue forecast down, but economy can recover stronger, says Chandler

15th District representative focused on creating stronger economy


The quarterly revenue forecast for Washington was released today, with state forecaster Dr. Arun Raha anticipating another decrease in expected revenue for state government. Dr. Raha predicted with tax collections down and continued weak economic activities, revenue will decrease about $760 million in the state's two year budget.

Rep. Bruce Chandler, R-Granger, said that while the decline in revenue is serious, it represents just .004 percent of the state's revenue. He is confident Washington will rebound from the recession stronger and more prosperous.

“We are in a better position than other states,” Chandler said. “Because of our diverse economy, our global trade and our talented workforce, we have the opportunity to be a leading economy among Western states into the next decade. Central Washington is an important part of the solution, with our large agriculture industry as well as our high-value manufacturing.”

During the revenue forecast meeting today, the governor's budget director stated the office is planning for a $2.6 billion shortfall in its budget proposal. The governor's budget proposal is expected sometime in mid-December.

“The governor has hinted at the possibility for increasing taxes. Higher taxes will not fix this shortfall,” Chandler said. “Putting further burdens on our working families only takes money out of their pockets when they are struggling to earn a living. While our state revenues have continued to drop, this is not a crisis. It is an opportunity to position Washington state for a stronger, more prosperous economy. Rather than reacting to short-term circumstances with policies that hurt our communities down the road, we need to focus on long-term strategies for prosperity.”

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