Senate passes Chandler’s wildfire communication measure


The Washington State Senate Saturday unanimously passed a bill to improve communication between responding agencies during a wildfire.

House Bill 2667, sponsored by Rep. Bruce Chandler, would require a specified radio channel be used for fire response by various emergency responders during a wildfire.

“This is part of the solution to address how we fight both forest and sagebrush fires,” said Chandler, R-Granger. “Improving communication will speed up the time it takes to fight a fire, protecting property, the public, and the state’s financial investments.”

Chandler worked with fire commissioners, citizens and colleagues from both sides of the aisle to gain consensus on the legislation. He proposed another bill to answer financial and response obligations to fighting fires outside fire districts, which did not pass the House by the deadline last week.

“We have more work to do to solve concerns for providing help outside fire districts so we can fight fires early while they are smaller,” Chandler said. “I will continue to work on solutions for how we fight fires in unprotected land outside fire districts.”

The bill was passed by the House Feb. 10. It now goes to the governor for her signature.


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