Senate approves Chandler’s Columbia Basin water program bill


The Washington State Senate passed legislation unanimously on April 5 allowing for more efficient accounting for projects under the Columbia River Management Act.

Rep. Bruce Chandler, R-Granger, said he sponsored the proposal to take the next step toward development of new water storage.

“We must ensure we have adequate water supplies throughout the Basin now and into the future,” Chandler said. “This measure will move the state forward with projects to pursue water storage options, protecting economic growth, energy generation, flood control and sound environmental stewardship.”

House Bill 1803 would create different bond and revenue accounts to help develop and plan for new water storage; implement conservation projects; and develop pump exchanges, which allow water to be moved from one place to another more efficiently, to help provide access to new water supplies in the Columbia Basin.

“I'm pleased the Legislature approved this bill unanimously in both chambers and that we could come together on providing options for conservation, water infrastructure and water storage,” Chandler said.

The House passed the legislation 97-0 on March 4. The legislation now goes to the governor's desk for her action.

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