Lakewood student serves in House page program

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Lakewood student serves in House page program

Leslie Espinoza traveled to Olympia to page in the House of Representatives April 4-8. Espinoza, 16, was sponsored by Rep. Bruce Chandler, R-Granger.

The student is an 11th-grader at Lakes High School and the daughter of Joel and Sonia Espinoza.

Each day Espinoza attended page school to learn about the legislative process. As part of her duties, she distributed documents and notes to lawmakers and staff on the House floor, as well as around the Capitol campus.

“I am glad Leslie came to the Capital,” said Chandler, one of two representatives for the 15th District. “The page program is a great way for students to take part in the legislative process, and this was a very busy week for her to see how her government operates as we discussed the budget.”

Each week, students 14- to 16-years-old from across the state serve in the legislative page program. They must have a legislative member as a sponsor, as well as permission from their school and parents. To learn more about the page program, visit the Web site.


Representative Chandler and Page: Leslie Espinoza

PHOTO CAPTION: Rep. Chandler with student page Leslie Espinoza on the House floor in Olympia.

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