Improving economy, prioritizing education mean no new taxes needed, says Chandler

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Improving economy, prioritizing education mean no new taxes needed, says Chandler


Today the state's revenue forecast revealed Washington's tax collections are expected grow an additional $231 million beyond what expected. This means the upcoming 2013-15 budget will bring in $2 billion more, or 6.6 percent growth, from the 2011-13 budget, which ends June 30.

Rep. Bruce Chandler said today's report means the economy is slowly recovering, and the state's budget is starting to see the return on those economic improvements. New home building numbers specifically have improved, the highest since the end of 2007.

“This report reflects the idea that an improving economy will directly affect our state's budget. The best way out of this recession is jobs that allow people to feel confident to buy,” said Chandler, R-Granger. “Our state's highest source of revenue is sales tax collections. It stands to reason that people with steady jobs will more likely buy products, services and new homes than those who do not.”

The Legislature is currently in the seventh day of a second special session, which began Wednesday, June 12. A 2013-15 budget must be passed by June 30, the end of the 2011-13 two-year budget cycle.

“I am optimistic we can get a budget passed by the end of the month,” Chandler said. “Both sides have shown they are willing to compromise, so hopefully today's forecast will forge an agreement. I think today's forecast and the $2 billion more in revenue shows we don't need new tax increases on hardworking families in Washington. We can and should prioritize education in the budget and not hold our classrooms hostage to a tax increase, as some have proposed. Then we can fund the remaining priorities of the state to protect the most vulnerable and ensure public safety.”


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