Rep. Bruce Chandler: ‘Budget not credible’

Legislator: Rep. Bruce Chandler
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Lawmakers in the House OK'd a supplemental operating budget (Thurs), but not before strong objections from the ranking Republican on the Appropriations Committee.  Ruth Johnson reports from Olympia.

Chandler:  “I stand to urge the house to reject this budget.”

Johnson: Bruce Chandler was clear.  The budget being offered failed in key areas.  One: misuse of the rainy day fund, which is designed for emergencies only.  New programs and policies, no matter how noble, says Chandler, don't qualify.

And the lawmaker from Granger pointed out what appears to be a serious discrepancy in the vision lawmakers have for the state, just months after the approval of the overall budget.

Chandler: “Just a year ago, we committed to the funding of reducing class size for K-3 down to a certain level.  We reserved some funding for that.  That funding has disappeared in this budget proposal, which means we weren't that serious after all.”

Johnson: Chandler said the budget fails in systemic ways, ways that will haunt future legislatures, and more importantly, the people of Washington state.

Ruth Johnson, Olympia.


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