Chandler calls budget deal a true supplemental budget

'Considering the realities we deal with in Olympia, I consider this budget agreement a success,' says Chandler

Rep. Bruce Chandler, R-Granger, and ranking Republican on the House Appropriations Committee, released the following statement today regarding the Legislature's supplemental budget agreement:

“I'm pleased we can finally put the finishing touches on the 2016 legislative session with this compromise supplemental budget.  I want to thank all the participants and staff for their hard work and many long hours striving to come to an agreement.

“House Republicans have said from the beginning that a supplemental budget is not another bite at the apple.  A supplemental budget should be for minor adjustments, taking care of one-time emergencies, or taking advantage of unique opportunities to save taxpayer dollars.  The budget we've approved today probably looks more like a true supplemental budget than any we've seen in recent memory, which in the end should be considered a win for those folks working hard to pay the state's bills.

“We strongly believe our state's rainy day fund should be used for one-time emergencies or for serious economic downturns, not for new policy spending as some had proposed.  We need to remember that lawmakers adopted an historic bipartisan two-year operating budget less than nine months ago; major policy changes should have been addressed at that time or should be addressed next year when we write the next two-year spending plan.

“With a divided Legislature and governor's office, there's never going to be a perfect budget that pleases everybody.  In my own caucus, we have serious concerns about how little there is in the four-year outlook ending fund balance.  We believe in sustainable budgeting and a case could be made that with $9 million projected in the bank at the end of 2019 we're spending very close to every penny we have.

“However, considering the realities we deal with in Olympia, I consider this budget agreement a success.  We target small but needed investments in mental health and education all while resisting the urge to raise more taxes.  This is a supplemental budget that has rightly earned its name.”


Washington State House Republican Communications