Rep. Chandler releases statement regarding Gov. Inslee’s budget proposal

“If you're an orca, a criminal, or someone who voted for the failed carbon tax in November, you probably like this budget. If you're a small business owner, a family concerned about public safety, or the average citizen trying to make ends meet, you probably don't.

“Under the governor's proposed budget, state spending will have increased 75 percent over eight years. This is unnecessary, unsustainable, unrealistic, and unfair to the taxpayers of this state.

“Despite record revenue collections, the governor says we need to raise taxes, including a business and occupation tax increase on service businesses. He also wants a capital gains income tax, which is very likely unconstitutional and will most likely lead to a state income tax, something voters have rejected time and time again.

“Implementing these tax increases would be a significant blow to our economy, which would, in turn, reduce state revenue collections at a time when the governor is promising more, to more people. It's not smart fiscal policy.

“I'm also concerned the governor plans to dismantle the bipartisan school levy solution. While we have issues that still need to be addressed, eliminating the levy fix before it's been fully implemented returns us back to a system that the courts said was financially inequitable.

“The governor's budget appears to leave working families in the lurch. I would like to see all of our constituents – in every corner of the state – have the opportunity to partake in economic success. Working families in Washington are being left behind in this budget as an afterthought. I look forward to working with my legislative colleagues in the upcoming session to provide more options – more solutions – to our state's needs than what we've been shown today.”


Washington State House Republican Communications