Rep. Chandler statement on remote testimony

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Rep. Chandler statement on remote testimony

The Washington State House of Representatives today adopted a resolution to begin the process of allowing remote testimony for public hearings and committee meetings. The state Senate has used this process for several years.

Rep. Bruce Chandler, R-Granger and one of the sponsors of the resolution, said it was time to allow all Washingtonians, especially those living in central and eastern Washington, to have more of a voice in the legislative process.

“We need to do all we can to make sure people from every corner of the state have the same opportunity to participate in their state government.

“Weather, travel, convenience, scheduling – these are all obstacles that citizens in central and eastern Washington must overcome if they want to lend their voice to a committee hearing. With the technology we have today, remote testimony should be implemented and used as much as possible.

“As it is now, those who live less than 30 miles away from Olympia have greater influence and more opportunity to contribute than those who live 300 miles away. We can change some of that through remote testimony.”

The 105-day 2019 legislative session is scheduled to end April 28.


Washington State House Republican Communications