Rep. Bruce Chandler announces retirement after 26 years in the Washington State House of Representatives

After serving the constituents of the 15th Legislative District and citizens of Washington state for more than a quarter of a century, state Rep. Bruce Chandler has announced he will not seek re-election to the Washington State House of Representatives.

“After spending more than twenty-six years in the Legislature, it is time for me to step aside. When you devote that much time and energy into serving the people of your district, it makes the decision very difficult, especially when you represent such a great region such as the Fifteenth District,” said Chandler, R-Granger. “You develop a passion for being involved in the conversations and policy decisions that shape the future of your district and Washington state, and it is tough to walk away.”

Chandler was first elected to the state House of Representatives in the fall of 1998. He has served in several different capacities during his time in the Legislature.

He was elected Republican leader in 2005. He was also the lead Republican on several committees during his tenure, including many years on the important House Appropriations Committee.

“It was an honor and a privilege to be chosen by my colleagues to serve as leader, and be entrusted to represent the caucus during budget negotiations, and fiscal issues for a number of years.

“I spent many years on the budget committee before I became the ranking minority member. There were many positive things accomplished during that time. I was one of several legislative leaders who pushed hard for Washington to establish the Rainy Day Fund, or Budget Stabilization Account, and require our state budgets be balanced four years out into the future,” said Chandler.

He was also the lead Republican on the House Rural Development, Agriculture, and Natural Resources Committee and the State Government and Tribal Affairs Committee, while serving many years on the House Commerce and Labor Committee.

“Representing the Yakima region, I always had a strong focus on water availability, quality, and access for our agricultural and ranching communities. In our state, the waterways and their surrounding environment is part of what makes Washington so special — the lakes, rivers, streams and our incredible coastline,” said Chandler.

Besides serving on water-related committees in the Legislature, he also served on the Canada/Washington Columbia River Treaty, and chaired the Legislative Council on River Governance in the Council of State Governments-West organization. The council is a cooperative, bipartisan association of state legislators from Idaho, Montana and Oregon.

Chandler will fill out the remainder of his current term, which ends next January.


Washington State House Republican Communications