Thank you, Central Washington, for 26 years

When I decided to run for the Legislature in 1998, I had no idea I would be walking the marble halls in Olympia for 26 years. Time flies when you are having fun! I say that tongue in cheek of course. Being in politics, particularly in the minority is challenging, especially in today’s politically-charged atmosphere.

However, that does not mean I didn’t enjoy representing the people of the 15th Legislative District and Washington state. I am humbled, honored and feel very privileged that those who I represent sent me back to the state Capitol for 13 terms. In fact, that is what I will miss most about the job – the people. Meeting with constituents in district, the tours of schools and businesses, checking out our ag lands and water sources, seeing the familiar faces from the Yakima area in Olympia, and working with my colleagues, both Republican and Democrat. We were able to accomplish many good things for Washington state, and I had the opportunity and honor to do that while serving as Republican leader for a brief stint starting in 2005.

I spent a good portion of my time on the House Appropriations Committee, with several of those years as the lead Republican on the committee. In that committee, I was part several accomplishments over the years, but I also saw budget surpluses, budget deficits, budget estimates and just about every reason under the sun to spend more taxpayer dollars.

I remain very concerned about the level of state spending, but can only imagine what it may be like if we were unable to pass some important tools. I worked with others to push for the state’s Budget Stabilization Account, or Rainy Day Fund.

About a decade ago, we also made it a requirement that the state have an actual state actuary – a math professional who measures and manages financial risk. An actuary provides accurate and current information on the state’s long-term investments and other financial responsibilities such as pensions.

Finally, to try and control the growth of government, we passed a requirement that state budgets are balanced four years out into the future, or the four-year outlook as it is called.

State Representative Bruce Chandler, 15th Legislative District
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